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Siri is Apple’s personal digital assistant software which is built in Apple devices with Siri your iPhone or iPad can do lots of task only by your voice like calling someone, reading text messages, Email and play music etc .

Siri Requirements

There are some condition to work with Siri

  • Handset should be iPhone 4S or later because iPhone 4 and under, iPad 2 and under, and iPod Touch 4 and under doesn’t included Siri
  • An internet connection Wi-Fi or 3G more speed is good.

How to configure Siri in the Setting App

Before using the Siri it is required to configure it.When you first time Setup your iPhone or iPad iOS will ask you if you want to enable Siri in your device but in case if you didn’t do that you can turn it on or off by using setting app in your iOS devices.

  • Launch the Setting app in your Apple device
  • Now tap on General section and go to Siri turn on the toggle button if it is not enable.
  • You can select the language from language tab,voice Gender Selection from Male or Female, voice Feedback setting it clould be ‘Handsfree Only’ or ‘Always’
  • You can choose My info where you can setup your name, location, important phone numbers and other information so that Siri can help you in best way.
  • Enable Allow “Hey Siri” (iOS 8 and Latter) or ‘Raise to Speak’ for other version once you do Siri will activate in your device.

How to configure Siri in the Setting App

How to Use Siri in Apple iPhone

Using Siri is so Simple

  • Press and Hold the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to activate siri on you devices.
  • Once you hear the sound you can release the button and start speaking a command to use Siri.

How to Use Siri in Apple iPhone

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