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Sometimes users choose Remote locations to visit their holidays or organize some tours, circumstance insist you to prepare thing before leaving, here’s an awesome Google Maps trick where we save offline maps that every Android, Windows, MAC and iOS user needs to know. Now new Google Maps now lets you save offline directions as well in which you can easily save Google maps offline with its complete direction. Most of the internet users ask how to save Google Maps offline on iOS, MAC, Windows, and Android.How to Save Google Maps for Offline Use

Timely Google makes some change on its important setting and gives some new functionality, especially for Smartphone, and tablets, over the globe some places are limited access of internet with slow speed and some places there is no further access. So the way to handle the situation, so all preparations should already. If you’re going where the Internet is too slow or either not accessible, mobile networks are too weak, you unable to get online at the time when you required, you can save Google maps from maps to your smartphone, tablets, laptop, desktop and simply use it when you’re offline.How to save Google Maps for offline use

Google says that we have makes some changes with search and direction with maps, so the maps already downloaded on your device might not be available anymore, check first. In some Regions, you cannot download because of unavailability of location, and contractual limitations, such as support, language, address, and many more.

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Download Offline Maps and direction with iOS and Android devices

  • Login your smartphone or tablet, and download the Maps app from android and iTune App store.
  • Open maps app on your device, search for locations, such as new York, NY, USA, it automatically start downloading, but its depends on the size of location, such as if you want to download complete city it gives message, Download area of USA may take up to 400MB and it happens over WiFi.How to save Google Maps offline on iOS and Android
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and touch the bar name place you searched.
  • On the bottom of your smartphone screen, it gives you an option, Saved, Share, and Download, click to Download button to save maps offline.Google Maps now lets you save offline directions
  • The above-given steps help users to download maps of their iOS and Android smartphone and tablets. Using maps apps. With maps you can download offline area is 120,000 square kilometers.How to Use Google Maps Offline Mode

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Download Offline Maps and direction with Windows and MAC PC & Laptop

  • It’s approximately equal to download maps offline using your desktop or laptop, open Google maps by typing it’s Default URL,
  • Type location in which you want to download, such as we type Empire State Building, it gives and shows us location with directions and route.How to Save Google maps offline
  • Go to menu, given with three lines, click on that, it gives you more options earth, traffic, my place, print.Save Google Maps offline for MAC AND WINDOWS PC and Laptop
  • Click on Print option, after clicking on print, option, also gives you an options to take a print and save maps as PDF.Save Google maps as a pdf
  • You can save Maps with PDF format.

Both methods help smartphone and desktop users to download and save maps offline to use it. Search for points of interest or access Street View without an Internet connection. You’ll have to use the map the way and navigate manually you unable to access this features with offline maps. Important some features, including satellite, terrain, indoor maps and 3D buildings will not be available offline. Directions and Navigation won’t be available

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