How to View Windows 10 Updates History

Windows 10 is most popular operating system in the globe in 2015, it has over 300 million, the os comes with multiple functionality, each time when updates are available on multiple sources or Microsoft service, it automatically start downloading, which you can easily get all the updates info from your computer or laptop history tab.View Driver Updates Complete History in Windows 10 PC

The Windows 10 computer comes with automatic free updates, where you can get updates for your drivers and software’s as well such as graphics, touch, display, processor, sounds, audio, video, antivirus and many more, also will give exact info of which version installed, there are option to uninstall updates from control panels.History Details in Windows 10 PC

Microsoft provide best updates facility with new windows os Windows 10, you can install and uninstall updates on the fly from history tab, including full details of install updates. most of the users new with this os, so they get some small issue related to automatic updates and how to fix small issues of Windows 10 PC and many more.How to View Windows 10 Updates History

Steps to view Windows 10 Updates History on Laptop

  • Just open your laptop or desktop.
  • Now search for updates on start menu, just type Updates.
  • Now you will be get result about Check for Updates, click on that. Or directly Setting >> Update & Security.History Updates in Windows 10
  • You will be on updates and security page, now choose advance Options setting.
  • Now new page will open where you will get, View your Update History.
  • In this page you will get complete list of updates in which can view details about version and drivers complete details.
  • From history page you can easily uninstall updates by clicking on given two options Uninstall updates, and uninstall updates preview build.

After moving into the install page you will get complete list of installed updates, with our old post we cover all important points related to how we can fix image with gesture fix your password with windows 10 pc. Now step by step solution to get how to get update history report from Windows 10 Laptop.

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