We all love to travel new places but on new location it’s difficult to navigate our way but having a navigation system in our Smartphone makes this task easy for us but for that you need to activate internet service on your device but there are some location around the world where internet connection does not work properly or you can’t get proper mobile signal so that you can run the Internet in your device.But there is a solution to solve such issue Google Maps provide a feature using it you can use your Google Maps offline without any data plan or Internet connection.

Most of the people use Smartphone and Google map is already installed in Android device you can also use this app on iOS device for that you need to download this app on your iPhone,iPad or iPod device.For using Google maps offline, you only need to download this on your device and you can use this downloaded map for navigation without any need of Internet connection.It is very simple to download an offline map in Google maps for that follow the instructions below.

How to Use Google Maps Offline Instructions

  1. Open Google maps in your device and go to search bar of Google map.
  2. Now write the name of the location for which you want to download the map for example if you want to download New York’s map just type New York and press the search button.
  3. Now when the map appears in front of your screen again go the search bar and type ok maps.
  4. After searching the ok maps, you will see a Save option below that now click on that option.
  5. After clicking on save option, it will ask for entering the name of your maps now this map will save offline in your device.

Although there is no need of Internet service for using offline Google map but to download this map in your device you will required an Internet connection.You can download a 50 by 50 Km area at a time in Google maps it will very light and easily saves in your Smartphone.

So What you think about this offline feature of Google Maps please share your thoughts on it.

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