Manage your Location History in Android Smartphone

Sometimes it’s good or bed to collect a location data for Android smartphone, users sometimes like this but most of the cases user want to disable this setting for privacy purpose, this data collected using email setting which we call Google Location history, it has two option On or Off, make this changes accordingly.How to Use Google Location History, Enable or Disable It in Android Devices

This function collect data timely, this functionality make users surprise, it’s all depends if GPS functionality on, also get one more functionality to delete history for location or save it by changing the setting, it also improve search result by creating private map where you go with log-in location.How To Disable Location Services & Tracking on Android

This functionality google take for advertisement, Google will contentiously collect location data from your Android phone if you enable location history, you can pause or disable Location History Data.

Turn Location History On or Off with Google Setting in Android Device

Choosing best setting for Android device is most important part, cause of it will decide to Google search and Ads which result and Ads show, you need to move very simply just move to Setting >> Accounts >> Google >> Personal info & Privacy >> Activity Controls >> Google Location History >> Delete Location History or OFF or ON Location history setting.How To Disable Google Location Tracking (Android

You can make three most important setting from same tab, you can delete your entire location history, if you delete location history using the Google setting app, all of your Android phone history will be deleted, this can’t be regained, if you have huge collection of history data, so you can delete history separately.How to turn off Location History on your Android smartphone

You Android phone ir any other devices ability to show Google Most useful information based on where you’ve been with the Android device that you’re signed in to with your Google Account.

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