How to Uninstall unused apps from Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 comes with new pre-installed apps in which you can get news, current updates, temperature info, location, games, market share info and more, if you find any unwanted apps installed on your personal computer or laptop, you can uninstall those apps anytime by right click and press uninstall.

All depends on you to use and uninstall app, all the running apps info you can easily get from your Windows 10 start panel, just press Windows sign and see the running apps. Some apps slow your internet speed by taking data from the internet in real time, that’s why you need to uninstalled those unwanted apps from your Windows 10 Laptop.How to unInstall Apps from Windows 10 PC

Some steps you need to follow for completion uninstall process, most of the users think that all the apps installed in uninstalled or change a program, you need to uninstall apps from your start panels and install from Windows app store, where you will get trending and most used apps, some of them are free and few of them have to pay something.Uninstall Apps from Windows 10 PC

Steps to Uninstall Apps from Windows 10 PC

  • Login to your PC as an admin, and go to your windows 10 PC start panel.
  • Click Windows sign left bottom area of Windows 10 PC, where it will show most used software, power, and setting, file explorer, and installed apps with few movements.
  • You can change unpin from the start, Resize, Turn live Tile Off, pin to taskbar, Uninstall.
  • Click uninstall option to remove app completely, some installed apps you cannot uninstall from same panel, apps such as calender, edge, cortana, mail, store, Xbox and more.
  • We uninstall live news, stock pricing app, if you see there is an app which you don’t want to see on same screen, click unpin from start.

The whole process of uninstall to minimize your PC unwanted used space and processing, your device will be speedup after removing unwanted apps.

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