Turn Off Notification for Installed Apps in Windows 10

There are multiple setting available inside Windows 10 os, in which we can make some changes accordingly, so we can easily get all the info properly, all the important setting you will get under system setting of your Windows 10 device, notification is one of the most important part to remember each an everything about particular apps which is installed in your Windows 10 device, by default there may be some pre-define setting available, in which we can make changes. Most of the time users dismiss all notification, but some of them are important.How to Change setting for Apps Notification in Windows 10 device

Sometimes Apps automatic notification comes when you connect your Windows 10 device into internet, you just have to read all the info before clicking on the like, some of them would be spam links, if you get some unwanted spams installed on system, you can easily uninstall it from uninstall page.

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Disable notification for installed apps

  • Choose setting from start menu, and choose system setting from setting page.
  • Now click or tap on system setting in which you will get new page with multiple options.
  • Select Notification & action, which you get left hand side, in this tab you will get settings related to apps and system icons.HERE’S HOW TO FINE-TUNE THE ACTION CENTER IN WINDOWS 10
  • You can turn On and Off system icon, and select and change settings for Show app notification, show notification on the lock screen, show alarm, reminder and incoming VOIP calls on the lock screen and hide notification while presenting, you can turn On and OFF setting for given options.
  • Even you can make changes for particular installed apps from other given setting under notification setting, just turn On and Off setting.
  • You can change many more setting from apps, keep important things in mind before changing its setting, is that most required to change.Windows 10 Tip- Manage Notifications

Sometimes it’s look very offensive when we working with some serious topic and apps notification come up with front of screen, so of course the biggest issue with device, all the time you have to click on x sign to remove the new info, when you reach first time in apps notification tab you will get all the options are turned On by default, you should make changes by turning it Off.

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