How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Installed Tracking App

Most of the time users forget to protect their devices for future purpose, such as you heard about that you can protect your Android devices from lost, means that you can easily get your lost smartphone easily using few clicks on the browsers, but there are some terms and condition you need to keep in mind, phone should be connected to the internet, registered email should not be deleted, if email will be deleted so you can not get location information, if these two information will be available in the phone, then you can easily find your lost Android smartphone.

Device tracking is one of the best and innovative task of Android, we see many questions related to how to get lost android smartphone, after think and doing too much effort to get relevant and easy way to find your Android device using simple method.Lost your Android smartphone or tablet how to get your device

People often how to avoid theft of Android devices

Always connected and stay up to date with technology, that means you have to recharge internet plan on your devices, and make stable account with Google Play store, because what people often to do when people are stealing android devices, they change SIM card and switch of their phone, but in some important cases your devices should be connected to the wi-fi network, and also email should be added so that we can detact the location using logged in email id, with the hep of Android Device Manager which will help us to do these all operation.How to find a lost or stolen Android phone - Phandroid

You can do these all Android Tracking Without any Apps installation

These all option you can do with your phone without using any apps, There are easy method to get info of location and you can ring your device, from remote location, what apps do, some of them work on based on same process which we are going to do, and some of them could be advance, but new users can not get the info of this, so in that situation you need to do simple operation to find your lost devices, with this Google maps will help us to know that where is our device right now, it will help is to show the current exact location of our device.How to find your lost phone or tablet with Android Device

Find your device using Android Device Manager

First of all you need to make sure after newly buying device, you have to setup new Android device very precisely, so that can not create difficulty at the time of lost, for that first need to follow few important steps.

  • Create Gmail account
  • Create Google play account
  • Register phone with Google play store
  • Turn on your Android device location history on
  • Try to Check all the bugs
  • Also internet plan should be up to date

these all above given steps you need to create just after buying your new Android device, some users mind arising question after that why we should create these all things, but we tell you that, this will help you when your Android device will be lost.

these all things you need to do using Android Device Manager, by login to your Google play store using registered email account.

Instant action you should take just after lost your device

we will not explore much how it work because at the time of losing your Android smartphone people don’t want to read these much details, they only want to step by step solution, so we are coming on that step by step solution to track your lost device.

  • Open your computer or other device
  • Open Google play store using registered email address
  • Now you see after logged in, right side of the page and click on setting buttonLost your Android smartphone or tablet Gmail will help you.
  • Now you see three options, my account, setting, Android device manager, you need to click on Android device manager, after clicking on it, one new page will open where it will give you an option with Google maps.
  • Now you see device name, and three options Ring, Lock, erase, to detect  your Android device you need to click on Ring option, after clicking on Ring option it will start ringing your lost device.

These all above steps will help you to notify about your device, and you can easily get your lost device after getting ringing sound.

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