Google maps is largely used Web app and mobile application globally, in which we can search any place, location, direction including picture and change views accordingly, there are few steps in which we can easily get to know each and everything about Google maps and how it works and how we can do small things with it. Most of the users ask to Google forums where the print option on the new Google maps.Take a print of Google maps

Google maps team timely change its look and feel, so that users can search in better way, usually we type location name, few second later maps will provide result after searching on database, the best way to print Google maps you need to choose device windows desktop or MAC PC, in which we will get better interface.Print the map and directions

Steps to Printout of Google Maps particular location

  • First you need to open Google maps in your browser, and type location to which you want to take a print.Print the map and directions Of Google Maps
  • After typing location details, it will complete result related to particular location, now it will also give info of favorite things pictures and more.Print Maps with Directions
  • Now click on the menu item in which it will show more options, such as earth, traffic, my maps, share, print and many more items setting available.You can even save maps as a PDF
  • You need to click on Print option, suddenly it shows new page where we can type notes about Maps, and click to print option.
  • Now you also can save the PDF of Google Maps.Print Maps with Any Location

Some important things you have to fix such as paper, margins, background graphics, also can change mode to print map, colors and size you can fix from printing setting, to print direction you have to follow above-given steps, you can even take a print of text as well, you can print as many you want.

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