How to manually enable tablet mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft most useful product where you can do many new task, it provide features which you can used with your all device, such as computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone, company focus to provide single operating system can fulfill the need of all type of gadgets lover.

Many new setting company add-on, so that user can take a benefit out of it, however before Windows 10, Windows OS also used by billions of users globally in different languages, company aim to provide better solution with low cost, such as take a example of country like japan and china, all the uses used Windows operating system with their own county language.How to Enable or Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Mostly company focus on provide for users very nice touch experience with it’s Windows 10, that means, if you are a Windows 10 Tablet users or your laptop is touch screen, you can easily change your laptop to Tablet mode without any hassle or installing any software, this features provided by Microsoft Windows 10, within few minutes you can make this os to 2 in one device, by changing some small setting.

This option you can get right bottom of your computer, inside action center you can see many new setting to fix for change your system pc mode to Tablet mode with clicking on TABLET mode button, after clicking on that icon you will see your desktop or laptop will be full screen, where you can easily access all the data with Tablet mode using touch screen or touch pad.Tablet Mode in Windows 10 How to change it

All the settings are same for both mode you can access all the info and details using both method, such as you can change the password of Windows 10 pc from remote location this is an example, that means you can make any changes you want with Tablet mode as well, this will also help users to make your computer look and feel different.Tablet Mode - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

Other way to to change PC mode into Tablet mode

Using this steps you have to go Windows 10 computer setting page by going through start button, and then change apps setting in few seconds.

  • Go to Start window of Windows 10 PC there you will see setting of your PC
  • Click on setting button, now new window will open in front of your pc
  • Now you will see there first setting which is System Setting in this setting you will see tablet mode inside
  • Just click on Tablet mode button, here is an option to On and OFF setting for tablet mode.
  • Now your PC will be change into the Tablet mode by doing this setting On

This was the whole scenario to make your PC very quickly into the Tablet mode by doing few clicks.

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