How to Disable YouTube Search History in Android Smartphone

Mobile phone is one of the important part of daily life, every users search anything online with most popular video hosting and sharing site YouTube, but users sometimes want to disable or remove history so that it can not store on Android smartphone, sometimes friends take a phone then they know what videos mobile users watch mostly.Disable YouTube Search History in Android Smartphone

This setting you can change using email ids, that means, you can make own setting for particular emails, just make small changes on Activity Controls, due to this change you also can make more other settings.YouTube Search History in Android Smartphone

These all options comes under personal info and privacy, users have an issue related to how to disable YouTube search setting off and On using simple button, just go to Phone>> Setting >> Personal >> Accounts >> Google >>  Personal info & Privacy >> Activity Control >> Now you can choose Email id for which you want to make changes >> YouTube Search History >> On or OFF.How to stop Youtube search history on Android

After choosing YouTube search history on or off your setting will be change for YouTube search history, it will not store your history anymore for this email, now it will show you option after doing Pause YouTube search history by clicking on Pause button, it will shows Paused.How to stop YouTube search history on Android Turn off web history

If you want to again On the setting click on same button and click on On button, after clicking on this buttons it will automatically change the setting to On for search result store into your Android smartphone.How to turn off Youtube history on Android

This setting will help users to not saved browsing data in Google.

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