How to Share Particular Location with Friends Using Google maps

Google Maps provide lots of features with Google maps, all thing you can do with any devices, smartphone or PC, you can easily share locations using any devices, sometimes you want to share any location with friends and family for any reason, you can share what you want.How to Share location of Google maps

Google maps will the most helpful information sharing platform for all users around the globe, suppose you visited any location of India such as Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, and you want to share that particular location with Google maps so that other one can know that this is the location which you want to share, so you have to get share code for Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, and then share it using email, twitter, Facebook and any other medium.How to Share any location info using link of Google maps

Steps to Share Google maps any location with Friends and Family

  • Open Google maps and login with Gmail account now after getting in, search for a location which you want to share or choose any location manual
  • Now after searching location you will get result for that, about, example we search for Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi
  • Now it will show some photo and location on result page, temperature, date, share, direction
  • Now you need to click on SHARE button you see left hand screen, you have to click
  • After clicking on this new popup screen will open where you will get two option first option is SHARE and other Embed
  • You have to choose share option to share info, and also can short your link on the web, after doing this you will get link for that particular location now you can easily share that information using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Mail, Website, and any other method
  • When you send this code to anyone, they will easily get that page on their device which you send to them.

This will help many times to share location of Google maps for some genuine reason, we hope you like our post about Google maps, if you know more please share with us.

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