How to Enable Two Step Verification on Gmail Account

Google always focus on security and privacy of its users globally, every day thousands of Gmail accounts hacked due to some small mistakes, because of users does not focus on security part of his account itself, two-step verification is one of the great process to verify actual users by sending some code to account holder, after confirming code users can only get in.Enable Two Step Verification on Google gmail account

When you need more security within your Google products, you need to enable two-step authentication from Google account setting page. You add an extra layer of security to your account. You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone). Now the question is how we can enable two-step verification within Google account.How to set up two-step authentication for Google and Gmail

If you are smartphone users and looking for two-step verification for all devices such as, Apple iPhone, MAC PC, Windows PC, Blackberry OS, Android smartphone and tablets, you need to install and turned on Install Google Authenticator, right now we explore for desktop and laptop using MAC and Windows PC.

Step to Enable Two-Step Verification on our Google Gmail account.

  • Login to Gmail and choose link
  • Now you will get more setting to change for all your Google account, especially for Gmail.
  • This tab more elaborated setting for account security. Manage your account access and security settings. Your Google Account is protected by the most advanced online security. Keeping these settings up-to-date safeguards your account even more.Enable two step verification on Google account
  • Now under account setting Google gives us some elaboration about what is two step verification and why we should enable it, with 2-Step Verification, which sends a single-use code to your phone for you to enter when you sign in. So even if somebody manages to steal your password, it is not enough to get into your account.
  • Click two-step verification to configure, or directly follow link to choose setting for two-step verification
  • Page, will open for Signing in with 2-step verification, keep the bad guys out of your account by using both your password and your phone. Click start setup.
  • Type your own running phone number in which you can get the verification code, select any one verification method, voice call or text message. Click sent Code.
  • Now few second later code will show on your mobile phone, type it on web page screen. And click to verify, now your verification method is finished.
  • Now two-step verification method is enabled on your Google account, next time when you try to login to your Google account (Gmail) it sent a confirmation code to your given contact number.

Now your account is secure, you can do the same thing for all your devices, such as apps, for smartphone, tablet, it secure data and personal info from a Gmail account, our recommendation is every user should enable two-step verification for their personal online services.

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