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There are multiple way to protect your personal computer, if you are using Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft trying to give users most beautiful experience related to it’s usage. Most of the time user set password to protect their pc or laptop, but now with Windows 10 device you can protect using multiple methods, ex Password, PIN, and Picture Password.Steps to follow to create a picture password

With Image or Picture password you have to choose image and draw a shop on image to set your password, The Company says that a picture password is actually more secure from hackers than a traditional password, the password you fix for your device which you can easily draw patterns on image using touch and mouse, it will work with both type devices touchscreen and ordinary laptop and desktop devices.How to Assign a Picture Password in Windows 10

How to Setup Picture Password in Windows 10 Devices

  • You need to first login your PC or Windows 10 Device, by typing old password
  • Now you will be on desktop of your PC or laptop.
  • Go to start menu >> setting >> Accounts >> Sign in Options, where you will get more option related to sign in options.
  • Now you need to choose Picture Password sign in to Windows using a favorite photo.Setup Piture Password Using Gesture in Windows 10 Device
  • Click on add button where it will give you an option to type password and press OK.
  • Just click on choose new picture, and select open to choose picture.
  • And click on Use This Picture, after click on use this picture it will give you option.
  • Setup your Gestures Draw three Gesture on your picture, you can use any combination of circle, straight, and taps, Remember the position, size and direction of your gesture and the order which you make them, become part of your picture password.

The above given steps regarding first time how to setup your picture password, to protect your pc or any other windows device using gesture technology.

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