Facebook is Global social media where people from different countries connect with each other.Sometimes when you get a post written in a language other than your default language of your Facebook Profile.For such kind of post-Facebook will give an option of translation so in this guide we will see how to turn off such kind of automatic translation on your Facebook Profile.

How to Turn Off Automatic Translation for Your Facebook Profile

Log in your Facebook account and browse the newsfeed post written in another language if the news has  already been translated an Automatically Translated link will be displayed at the bottom of that post.

Now click on Automatically Translated to open the translated settings for the selected post now it will give you options like Never Translate Language and Disable automatic translation for language.

So if you want to Turn off Automatic Translation just select Never Translate Language option.And if you will select Disable automatic translation for language then it will not translate the post and also show an Automatic Translation link.

How to Set the Languages You understand in Facebook

If you want to add another language in your Facebook account apart from your default language so that you can read another language without the need of automatic translation then you can add them into Which language do you understand list of your Facebook Profile.

To add the language go to Settings section of your Facebook account and navigate to Languages > News Feed Translation Preferences and click on Edit button located next to Which languages do you understand?

Now enter your desired language on the list and click on Save Changes to complete the process.How To Turn Off the Automatic Text Translation on Facebook

Here are also some language setting using this you can also select languages for which you want an automatic translation or want to exclude from the automatic translation.

So in this way you simply translate any language or turn off translation of languages according to your preference.What you think about this function of Facebook please share your thoughts on it.

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