How to Disable or enable the PayPal Email Notification

While PayPal has alone more than 180 million active users globally, awareness of PayPal account info and setting are still quite low, people create account and only use it for send and receive money, according to the experts you have to change some important settings, if your PayPal account want to make secure and more active, which you can change from setting page, due to security reason, such ignorance poses numerous threats to PayPal users.Simplify your inbox by disabling unwanted PayPal notifications

Privacy and important setting and notification awareness is poor, maintain account security and notification, you need to have an account with added personal mobile number and email. Usually; users never register mobile number and enable message and email notification setting, but it’s will help you to secure your account and get account info timely.

Steps to enable disable (Manage) PayPal Account Notification

  • You have to login PayPal account through email and password.
  • Click Gear sign right top of your PayPal admin dashboard.
  • From Account, Security, Notification, Choose third option Notification to change the setting.
  • There are 3 most important notification settings available, Payment, Offer, News Update.Enable and Disable PayPal notification on Email and Phone Number.
  • Under Payment setting, you can enable and disable email and phone notification for Send payment, Request payment, and receive a payment.
  • Under Offers setting, you can enable and disable for mobile and emails your offers are expiring, you receive or send an offer.
  • And last notification setting is News and updates for Developer updates, Surveys, Newsletters and service updates, PayPal marketing, Updates when your account information is changed.
  • All important notification setting you can manage from notification tab. to keep in mind make sure your PayPal account by adding strong, password and enable some security feature. to get more about PayPal account security details, open link.

Manage your all setting in which you can enable and disable your PayPal account notification, now you will get message and email for each activity.

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