How to Remove Welcome to WordPress from admin panel

WordPress is more flexible CMS (content management system) where users can make changes according to their needs, you can start with basic and make your website to complex functionality with the help of plugins, theme, widgets, and you can make a solid web application using WordPress. There are millions of users using WordPress to run their business, as well as many news sites also using to run their platforms with millions of visitors.

Edit Admin Dashboard area of WordPress website

Now you have to focus on marketing part, because there are lots of things covered by WordPress itself, you have to market things instead to make it again with your own way, just buy from companies those already working with that functionality, there are thousands developer working on CMS to make it better so users can take benefit out of it. If you want to changes which help us to make benefit when we handover project to else such as Remove Logo and About WordPress from Admin Dashboard Left Top Area

When you login with your wordpress website using admin username and password, first you see Welcome to WordPress! We’ve assembled some links to get you started: line sometimes user want to remove those line due to some changes on admin panel, or to give authorities to someone else, such as publisher, editors, or admin itself, or sometimes project handover to clients to handle all things.

There are several method to remove or make changes on admin area, you can make changes using plugin and by add some manual code into files, now we cover easy task to remove message from your Dashboard using plugin which is most useful and easy to use. There are many plugin those easily change and remove admin WordPress related things, such as Welcome messages and many more, it completely change screen of website admin panel, now we will share the best and useful plugin WP Admin UI Customize which Customize the management screen UI.

  • Dashboard
  • Display options tab
  • Output-meta site
  • Admin bar (Toolbar)
  • Admin menu (Side menu)
  • Management of meta boxes
  • Login screen

Plugin can easily make changes on dashboard interface, plugin used by more then 20000+ users, if you see the rating of plugins which is 4.7 out of 5 stars, now install plugin to your website using add new plugin, after completion of installation and activation of plugin you have to make changes on setting, which is given below step by step.Remove Welcome to WordPress! We’ve assembled some links to get you started

Remove Welcome to WordPress! We’ve assembled some links to get you started: from WordPress website Dashboard

  • Open website and click on Gear sign WP Admin UI Customize just bellow setting tab.
  • And go to WP Admin UI Customize>>Dashboard where you see many setting to remove every thing from Dashboard.
  • Choose and check Welcome box and press save from bottom.
  • Now your welcome message removed from dashboard.How to Remove WordPress Dashboard Welcome Panel ...
  • One important thing you have to do before, which is go to WP Admin UI Customize and choose setting for anyone such as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. Means, to whom you want to change.How to Remove WordPress Dashboard Welcome Panel

After doing this your welcome message will be removed form admin area, when you refresh the page. you have to make many more changes on website admin and login area such as How to Remove WordPress Logo and link from Wp-admin page which remove logo when you go to wp-admin page. This is also comes under customization of WordPress website.

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