How to Remove Unwanted Default Web Page from Google chrome browser (Default search Engine)

Google chrome is one of the most popular search engine in the globe in which you can do things which you want, first time when you open your browser, Google home page is your default search engine, but few month later your default pages will be changed into some other search engine due to some mistake, or by changing your search engine.

It’s easy with Chrome browser to change and fix your search engine or any website for your homepage, just move to setting of browser and remove the url from saved search engine or replace it with your website or any particular search engine, there are two type of search engines in browser setting one is Google, yahoo, Bing, and other one is where you search for result in any website, both type search engines it will save on its browser search engine.How To Remove Unwanted Search Engine from Google Chrome

Easy step you should follow to edit, remove, and add new search engine to your Google chrome

  • Just open your browser (Google chrome) on your computer or any other device
  • Go to setting of your browser, by clicking on three dots >>Setting
  • Now Under Search tab, Set which search engine is used when searching from the omnibox
  • Just Click on manage search engine to fix, add your new search engine.
  • With this tab you will get two option related to search engine, one is default search engine, and other one is Other search engine.
  • Where you can change, remove, edit, and delete default search engine and click on Done button after doing everything.
  • Next time when you open your browser the default browser setting will be reflects.How to Remove Unwanted Search Engine

Sometimes it may the cause of browser extension installed on Google chrome from Google Apps, in which your browser functionality reflects sometimes, you have to disable or delete Extensions from Google Chrome.

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