Sometimes we need to hide our personal data so that others cannot see it, but previous version of windows os have some features but it was not too advance, with new os you will get many new features so that you can enjoy look and feel of Windows 10.

Many Users has much difficulty, how they preserved their data more safely, Question now is, how he is Possible in Windows 10 OS, you know it’s very simple to hide your data folder.

Easy Steps to Hide folder in Windows 10 OS

  • Go to this PC where you will see all the drives in windows 10.How to Hide folder in Windows 10
  • Open your drive where is your important folder
  • Now choose your folder and right click on it, after clicking on it, will show you an option.How to Hide Folder files in Windows 10
  • Choose properties and >>General>>and click on hidden option.Hide folder in Windows 10
  • Click on apply and OK now your data will be hide for others.

after hiding data it will difficult to open for others, if they know how it works, so that can easily access it by remove hide form folders or from setting of hide options, it others know setting of hide folders, it will time some time to change setting of computers, so it will be safe after hiding.

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