How to remove Thank you for creating with WordPress. And WordPress version

Code writing take much time to edit, modify, remove anything with website, if your website developed in WordPress so task will be easy for you to adding some plugin and remove what you want, either WordPress version or any message which is displaying in admin area of website, after few click after installation it will be removed and you can add your own message at bottom.

Sometimes code help us to edit line easily and plugin take a long time to do, first we share which is easy way, you need to add some line of code to your file function.php which is inside >>admin>>appearance>>editor>> search function.php to remove line which is bottom of your website.

You can add this code to your functions.php file (in your theme):

function wpse_edit_footer() {
add_filter( ‘admin_footer_text’, ‘wpse_edit_text’, 11 );

function wpse_edit_text($content) {
return “New Footer Text”;

add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘wpse_edit_footer’ );

Another short method is to use any plugin those can make changes on admin panel without adding any single line of code, install plugin WP Admin UI Customize and activate plugin. Now go to the plugin setting from dashboard area, which is just below setting of website, choose roles editor, admin, author. to which you want to make changes, now go to the General setting to make changes.Removing WordPress Version and Thank You Message

Steps to hide and edit, removing WordPress version and thank you message from admin dashboard bottom area

  • Go to the plugin general setting of WP Admin UI Customize and choose general setting
  • After moving into the general setting got to >> footer text >> under this option to write your own text Default: Thank you for creating with WordPress.How to remove Thankyou for creating with WordPress and version from bottom
  • Now you have to write your own text, now see the changes, message and WordPress version will be removed after save the setting.

These changes you can make for admin, editor, author and contributor and subscriber, after choosing from WP Admin UI Customize basic setting, this plugin remove all WordPress related article and items. Now your message and version removed from admin dashboard.

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