How to reduce unnecessary drivers in Windows 10

Most of the time users ask online question to bloggers and on Microsoft official platform regarding Windows 10 issues, such as, Using Device Manager to uninstall devices and driver packages, first time when you install windows 10 OS on your computer, after completion of this process need to connect your computer to the internet, in which it’s automatically start installing compatible drivers on it. After a device is installed, it might be necessary to uninstall a device driver sometimes, due to new users might decide to replace driver package. How to Remove Device Driver from Windows 10 Computer or Laptop

Microsoft does not provide a way to block updates from within Windows 10 operating system, at the time when you uninstall driver you must remove the device node as well, to remove device drivers you need to follow some easy steps, for that you need to make sure that, which driver should remove and update from device manager, Somewhere, do not accidentally delete any other drivers, be careful to remove what you want. Somehow uninstalling devices and driver packages from Windows 10 PC is few step approach.

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Using Device Manager to Uninstall Devices and Driver from Windows 10 PC

Follow the important steps to remove unwanted drivers from Windows 10 PC

  • For that, you need to login into your Windows 10 PC or laptop.
  • Choose start panel and type device manager to move directly to the device manager.
  • Now you will be on device manager control panel, in which you can easily get driver details, update and uninstall.
  • All the installed driver details you will get at one place, which named as device manager control panel.
  • Now choose device driver which you want to uninstall, update or do anything you want, in this panel you will also get versions number of particular drivers, including complete details.
  • To remove and update device drivers you need to simply double click on drivers, it shows more option of the particular driver, in which one option to uninstall, by clicking this option device driver automatically removed from your Windows computer within few seconds.

You can remove as many drivers you want to update, remove, device manufacturer, device type, setting current running event and get important details about. But be careful about it, because this is the most important thing which runs on desktop or laptop usable system hardware’s.

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