How to Record Your Desktop Recording with YouTube Online

YouTube is one of the most popular and useful platform used by billions of users worldwide, in which anyone can create and share information through video, back then YouTube all the users download software install it on computer and choose screen capturing to record the complete desktop or laptop screen and upload it on YouTube to show video publicly, the process is too long where we have to waist too much time, if you are blogger and create videos on some tips and tricks where you have to capture your desktop or laptop material screenshot or record video, YouTube will help you lot to do it in Real time without any software.How to Record your Desktop Screen with YouTube

Did you know that you can create screencast video with the help of YouTube without installing any desktop software, all you can do with online using web browser including live broadcasting, after completion recording live event you can also get stored into your YouTube channel, you can make video for public and private, but you need to keep important setting before recording. The best solution for how to record your desktop screen with YouTube for live telecast.Capture DESKTOP SCREEN WITH YOUTUBE ONLINE using its event

Steps to Create Screencast with YouTube

  • There are multiple steps to get final screencast using YouTube, first you should have Google account to create Screencast with YouTube.
  • Just get inside of your Google account using login username and password, with same account just login with YouTube account.Capture desktop screen as a video using YouTube online
  • When you create account with YouTube, you can also create multiple channels to device your video types, if you deals with multiple categories, so create multiple channels.
  • Now choose your YouTube channel Creator Studio, where you get all the setting and more info about your channel completely.How to Create a Screencast with YouTube
  • Now left side there will be Live Streaming tab, click that where it will show Event option, where it will give option Whether you’re recording a concert, a sports event, a talk show, or just yourself, now you can stream your event — live and direct — right to your audience.
  • Click Enable Live streaming, now it shows Verifying your account by phone lets you unlock additional features on YouTube, and helps us make sure you’re a real YouTuber, not a robot, select your country and verification method, after click on verification method it will ask you to Confirm with some details, Get your phone ready The automated voice call will be made only once and almost immediately after you submit your phone number. Be sure to have your phone nearby before continuing.
  • Type your phone number with country code, few second after submitting phone number, you will get call from Google automated call service.
  • Now it gives you more option Account verification (step 2 of 2) please enter your 6-digit verification code from our latest automated voice call. Enter your 6-digit verification code.
  • And get Congratulations! Your YouTube account is now verified. After pressing continue button, now press continue button, now read Terms and conditions of Google, read carefully, and Press I Agree.
  • Now you will be able to create live event, click on Live Event, under Create a new event, option to type TILE, Timing of live event, end time, description, tags of events, more option such as for Public, Private, and Unlisted. Also share on Google +, and Twitter and Type Quick using Google Hangouts On Air.
  • You can also fill and make some advance changes on live screen casting using advance setting tab, such as live chat option, select categories for video, choose language for video, After filling all these information, just choose and select Just Live Now.
  • Press Ok to Ready to go! You will now enter a Google Hangout On Air so you can stream live from your webcam. If you meant to schedule your live event for later, please click “Cancel” and edit your event time. Now new popup window screen will open which is Google hangout on Air screen.. The best solution for how to record your desktop screen with YouTube
  • With this new screen there are multiple settings for video, invite peoples, mute microphone, camera status, adjust bandwidth usage, and multiple voice communication setting. If we go left side where from first it shows, chat, screenshare, cameraman, control room and many more add apps setting.
  • You have to choose Screenshare option to capture desktop full screen recording live, there are multiple options, choose Entire screen and click share option, now click on start broadcast option, which is in bottom.
  • It start capturing complete desktop screen and record all desktop activities. And stored it on your channel as well as shows for private and public.

The whole process will help and save time of users, you can embed links from right bottom corner, and get direct link of YouTube page, if you don’t like video you can delete from video manager tab, if you want to create next time, you have to follow all the given steps to capturing screencast, it’s for all os MAC PC, Windows. The video capturing and stored video quality depends on your internet speed.

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