Configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account on Android

Sync means you are connect with some other application, Android smartphone is so smart, Google products always smart, such as How to prevent android from auto-sync Gmail contacts, users, it’s pretty simple to change the setting, these changes may you can change in any android devices and any os version of Android.How to prevent android from auto-sync'ing gmail contacts

You know why people want to off this because of it will use your unnecessary battery and internet data each time, so how to change it’s properly, you have two options to change setting related to Google account you can control this by visiting two options, either try to perform this from Contact >> accounts or from you Android phone setting.How To Configure Exchange Email, Calendar & Contact Sync

Here we will show you from both one by one, let’s talk first options, from your contact account setting from contact account setting just move to Contact >> Accounts >> Google >> Select Email >> See checked items, from this tab you can SYNC on and SYNC OFF option perform, now come to the second options from phone setting you need to go Setting >> under Personal Accounts >>Google >> Select Google Account >> Click on Checked box, after checking checked box your phone will be off from auto Sync to email.Manage account and app syncing

These all setting many used for online sync, lot’s of options you see there related to auto sync such as App, Contact, Gmail, Drive, Google Plus, People Detail and etc, all you can On and Off it’s setting simply, after choosing this off sync it will off to come data from gmail and save your internet data and battery as well, its all related to On & Off sync in android phone with gmail.

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