Manage saved passwords of Gmail accounts

Few hidden technology users don’t know, in which we manage all important things such as password, which comes under security of our account, your apps and websites you logged in, all password saved inside your Gmail account, in which you can remove and manage from one place.How to Manage Saved password of Google account

Your passwords from Chrome and Android are saved with Google Smart Lock and accessible to you across devices. You can turn on or off this functionality any time you want, auto turned on feature also available inside smart-lock, in which automatically sign in to apps and websites connected to your account. When disabled, you will be asked for confirmation every time before signing into an app or website. Google says trust us we never do anything with your personal information, when you use our services, you trust us with your information. We want to start by telling you what we do with it:Manage, remove all saved password from Your Gmail account setting

Steps to Manage Saved Password of Gmail Account

  • Login to your Gmail account, then choose, in which it shows, complete security settings, control, protect and secure your account, all in one place.
  • Under sign-in & security, click connected apps & sites.
  • Now new page will open where all the connected apps & sites with your account, saved passwords and allow less secure apps: OFF or On.
  • Under saved password manage your passwords from Chrome and Android that are saved with Google Smart Lock. Click manage password.
  • With new page, it will show few more options, Smart lock for passwords turned On or Off, Preferences for Auto sign-in process.
  • Now under saved password it will show with three column data, Apps & Site, username and password, you can get saved password from eye sign and x will delete your saved password.mANAGE sAVED pASSWORD FROM GOOGLE ACCOUNT

You can manage all the password from any location, if you lost your device, and have access of your Gmail account you can recover all the password from your Gmail account from anywhere.Manages all saved password from one place

Key Point to keep in mind

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