In developing market making a web browser faster is challenging task.Mobile market is increasing rapidly in developing countries and making web browser faster on Smartphone so that user can save more data in slow internet connection is challenging job for Smartphone makers.

As recently Google announced that it is updating it Chrome browser for Android Device with new data saver mode which is found in Chrome Browser.According to Google this new data saver mode will save up to 70% of data  while browsing the web, earlier the data was saved up to 50% by data saver mode.

As we all know using Mobile to access web on slow internet is frustrating as it takes more time to open web pages.To make a better browsing experience on Android Smartphone Google has made some changes like removed images from data saver mode you can look at these images after loading a web pages by tap on to show all images or individual ones you want to see, as this makes web browsing faster on slow internet connection and web browsing will be cheaper for Android users as it will save more data in data saver mode.

Follow below steps to enable data saver mode on Android Smartphone for Chrome Browser.

How to Enable Data Saver Mode on Chrome Browser for Android Smartphone

  • Open Chrome Browser on Your Smartphone and tap on Chrome Menu and find Settings.
  • Now tap on Data Saver under Advanced tab.
  • Now a new screen will open like below screen and slide toggle button to turn on Data Saver mode for your Chrome Android.You can Also turn off this setting any time.turn on data saver mode on chrome for android

As the internet market growing in developing market mobile browser maker’s are trying to enhance browsers to reduce data usages and making it fast on slow internet connections.

Right now Google has updated the new data saver mode only for India and Indonesia and for other countries it will be rolled out in upcoming months.As this feature is only updated for Android Chrome browser but they did not mention about the same capability in chrome browsers for Apple device.

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