The Security of your handset is so important for you, enabling a SIM lock will stop anyone to access your device and using SIM in another device. Most people use passcode to protect their iPhone  if you don’t do that you should use passcode in your iPhone with that enabling SIM lock is also important for you in case you lost your device or it’s stolen then nobody can access you SIM as it contain important data like contacts your balance on SIM and other data . So here we tell you about how to enable the SIM lock.

How to prevent the iOS 9 Hack

Anyone who finds an Apple iPhone without passcode can access lots of content like music, document and contacts which will be stored in iPhone.

However there is Bug found in iOS 9 which bypass the passcode to stop this until a new release of iOS which fixes the problem so simply go to Setting > Touch ID & Passcode now enter your current passcode and scroll down to the section ‘Allow access when locked’ and turn off Siri.This will prevent Siri being used when your iPhone is locked.

How to enable SIM lock in Apple iPhone

By enabling a SIM lock in your iPhone you have to enter it in each condition like when you are sending a text messages, or when your iPhone is powered down then switched back again you will need to enter PIN code in case if someone removes your SIM from your handset and tries to use it in a different phone then you also need to enter PIN code.

From the home screen go to setting app and go to Mobile Data,then scroll down to SIM PIN option tap on SIM PIN now you will a toggle to turn it off or on and change the PIN.

How to enable SIM lock in Apple iPhone

Important Note

If this is your first time to turn on this option then it will ask to enter the SIM operator’s default PIN which will be different for each operator and you will get only three attempts to enter PIN before the SIM card is locked and you won’t be able to make call and send messages to your friends .

If you don’t know you default PIN for your SIM card you can search online this information or you contact you operator to know about.

When you enter the correct PIN, you will see the toggle is set to enable now you use the ‘Change PIN’ option.

Important Note

Now every time your iPhone is switched on, you will be required to enter the SIM PIN and passcode of your iPhone this way you can prevent your data loss and personal information.

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