How To Check Data Usage Details In Windows 10

Monitoring to Your Network Usage in Windows 10 is very simple to know, that means that how much amount you have Internet data usage,these are very good features of Windows 10’s, previously, this feature will not show you before, There are many applications in our computer, there are so many applications auto-updates, many of them use internet data at the time up update, when the data is downloaded through some application, In this case too, there is data usage.

Now comes to the Windows 10 computer, how you can track all the activities using simple method, users to track all this activity is very keen, they think that the things which we are doing, they all have in front of us.

Steps Track You Data Usage in Windows 10 PC

  • For that always you should have a computer with Windows 10 installed, now go to start panel and type Setting keywordhow to track data usage on pc
  • Now it shows you an options of setting you need to click on it, as soon as you will click, new windows will open in you screen.How to track your broadband data usage on Windows 10 PC
  • In this screen you will see many setting such as System, Device, Network. But put one thing in mind, you only need to click on Network & Internet.
  • You will see new windows where you see left hand side screen with many more options, just click on Data Usage, after clicking on data usage.Network Data Usage - View in Windows 10
  • After clicking on data usage it will shows you an option of overview and usage data, it also shows Wi-Fi usage and Ethernet Usage.
  • Now click on usage Details where you will get all the information related to all the application data consumed, in our case most of the data usage through wi-fi network using chrome browsersHow to check which application is using more internet data

All the information about network of you computer you will get from this panel, always go to setting>>Network & Internet >> Data Usage>>Usage Details

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