Now days WhatsApp is an important application among Smartphone users for communication purpose but some time it’s a pain full situation when you lost your WhatsApp data like picture, videos or chat history so how you will recover them although there are some simple ways to recover deleted data from external storage but it is not easy to recover internal data that you have lost so the question is how you can secure and save your WhatsApp data? Don’t worry about that thing recently WhatsApp partnership with Google Drive to save your WhatsApp data which will save and secure your data on Google Drive.

The Google Drive backup will comes with encryption features which means all your data will be stored in Google cloud in encrypted form you can recover your data just a touch you can set the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) of regular backup by setting option.

How to Keep Your WhatsApp Data Secure With Google Drive

Here the steps to create a Google Drive backup of your WhatsApp data it may take some time to backup depending upon you data size.


  • Open your Android Smartphone to secure your WhatsApp data.
  • After that Go to Menu Button > Setting > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup.
  • Now select the Backup to Google Drive option and select the desired frequency for backup.
  • After that it will ask to select a Google account which will be used for backup your chat.
  • After that choose the network that will be used for backup either Wi-Fi or Cellular data for that tap on Back up over option.

How to Restore Backup Data from Google Drive to WhatsApp

  • Use the same Google account which you have used to take backup of your whatsApp data.
  • After that uninstall and reinstall that WhatsApp from your device.
  • You will be asked to restore your backup from Google drive just after that verification of your phone number.
  • After that it will take some time to restore your WhatsApp data (picture, videos, chat history etc) automatically.

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