How to Remove Date from WordPress website post or pages

WordPress has become the staple for online businesses, The most popular CMS easy to use with large amount of functionality, in general; default WordPress with limited functionality and design pattern, in order to change it’s interface using some plugins and by manually adding some code into its admin section.

WordPress is one of the most popular free open source, in which some basic steps we need to fulfil, so that website can rank better on search engines, usually, search engine shows website post in date format (Oct 10, 2013), you can remove date, in WordPress themes functionality to turn on or off date in post functionality, even you can change date format from theme options.Remove Date of post, from WordPress website

WordPress general setting enabled this functionality, where you will get more about date format, some of them we cover with our post Date Format,  Date Format

  1. February 6, 2016
  2. 2016-02-06
  3. 02/06/2016
  4. 06/02/2016
  5. Custom: enter a custom date format in the following field Custom date format:How to Remove Date from Website Post of WordPress site

To remove all above-given dates on the post page, you have to add given Code on function.php file which is under Appearance >> Editors and choose the theme in which your function.php file exist, add code from Top of the starting PHP.

function jl_remove_post_dates() {

                add_filter(‘the_date’, ‘__return_false’);

                add_filter(‘the_time’, ‘__return_false’);

                add_filter(‘the_modified_date’, ‘__return_false’);

                add_filter(‘get_the_date’, ‘__return_false’);

                add_filter(‘get_the_time’, ‘__return_false’);

                add_filter(‘get_the_modified_date’, ‘__return_false’);

} add_action(‘loop_start’, ‘jl_remove_post_dates’);How to Remove the Date from Your WordPress Posts

After adding above given code, click update button, after deleting cache version of website, the same date you will get in search engine results, Google search bot pick those dates from your website post dates, in order to remove authors, date, time from any WordPress sites, add code and see the changes few second later after deleting cache.

We also test all the codes with some of our websites in which date completely removed from our website panel. few days after crawling website changes will Reflects with Google search results as well.

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