Manage your account access and security settings to Stay Safe

Users account hacked sometimes than they search to how to Fix Security Alert for Your Gmail Account to get protected from Hackers, in which we provide best details of how we can get protected from hackers online, to protect your Gmail account with some advance features.

Google provide full security option inside account setting, in which we all can take an advantage of it, using add some extra features and more security add-on, there is some security barriers on every online account, lots of loopholes. You can start and think beyond of security of your Gmail account, first time when you create new Gmail account, you need to think and create 3D secure password, then enable account security using 2-factor authentication using your mobile number, and enable recover email account features.How to Protect Your Gmail account from Hackers

This post will help all Gmail users how they get messages on their phone when hackers try to hack your account, how you can enable or disable this automatic message feature, you need to follow some easy step in which we cover all important settings for Gmail account.How to Enable setting for Gmail account to get protected from hackers

Steps to Follow Manage Security alerts settings with Google Gmail account Setting

  • To change and manage you need to have Gmail login credential, in this option, you will get complete security options.
  • After completion login process you need to go where all the security option available to your account.
  • Now choose Security alerts settings, click MANAGE SETTINGS to configure it, in this tab Google shows default message regarding security. Decide how we should contact you to let you know of a change to your account’s security settings or if we notice something suspicious.
  • Choose which notifications you’d like to receive, and how you’d like to receive them, by email or by text message, for Critical security risks. If a hacker has your password and tries to sign in to your account, select for email and text message.
  • Other account activity, when you change your account recovery options, by default email is selected for that particular option.

Your Account will get secured after completion of the process, in which we cover how to get protected Gmail account from hackers and unwanted Gmail attacks.

Key Point to keep in mind

  • Always add your mobile number into Gmail account to get important notifications.
  • Never open your personal important email in any others devices.
  • Always logged out when you logged in your account other than your device.
  • Use Strong password for your personal as well as business account.

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