Fix Camera Timer in Windows 10

Windows 10 is newly launched operating system by Microsoft in 2015, with this OS company focus to provide best possible features so that users can easily take benefit of features, with this you can easily configure everything, but some important thing users use easily with computer such as use camera, sound, keyboard, with these essential features.

The camera is now the world’s largest fortunes. looking at the camera in Windows 10, there are many new features, such as interface, many new setting related to capturing and saving images on cloud, we use camera as a application in Windows 10 PC, lets talk about timer which is used in camera at the time of capturing photo, using this we schedule time of camera to capture image, and we’ll see how they enable, disable, and timer time can be set.How to Capture Image and Fix Timer in Windows 10

You can capture multiple images with Windows PC, as much you want, with best quality using your own private given camera with your Laptop, there is no limitation in windows 10 PC you can even capture millions or billions images, but have to save in multiple hard drives, you should have drive capacity, now we will show you step by step solution for that to how we can fix this timer in Windows 10.How to Fix Timer in Widows 10 for Image Capturing

Steps How to Fix Timer with Windows 10 for Capturing Images

  • Open your Laptop camera
  • Now It will open, in the camera screen you able to see three dots right top
  • Click on that …, after clicking on three dots it will give you two another options
  • Photo timer and Setting, click on Photo timer and Fix image capturing time with Camera Timer just set time to 2-SEC, 5-SEC, 10-SEC
  • Now it will be set and click on yes sign, that means it’s save
  • Now select “”continue taking photo every 5 sec until i press the camera button again“”
  • Now come to the camera and click on photo capturing button sign, click on that to capture images in every 5-sec
  • You can stop them by clicking on Photo capturing button again.

Now we also included point how we can capture images after setting timer for images, now it will capture images automatically, you don’t need to press button again and again.

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