How to Track a Lost or Stolen Apple iPhone

Some times it is very painfull when you lost your handset or you forgot somewhere in place like hotel , restaurant or in the bus but whatever the location it is always a pain full situation for you ,so what will you do in such type of condition ? is there any solution for such kind of situation ? Answer is yes it is possible to track your lost iPhone and in this lesson we will tell you about that in very simple way.

To Track your lost iPhone you need Find MY iPhone app in your device if it is not there you can install it from app store but before you lose your iPhone first thing is that you have to ensure about its setup on your iPhone so how you will do that just tap on Setting>iCloud , then scroll down to bottom and tap on the Find My iPhone then turn on Find My iPhone option also turn on Send Last Location option which send you the last location of your iPhone just before your battery dies.

Find my phone How to track a lost iPhone

Find My iPhone will work if your iPhone will switched  on so that it give a accurate idea of its location.but if your lost iPhone is switched off or battery runs out then it will not work .

So before you lose your iPhone you should take a regular backup of your iPhone you can try How to take backup of Apple iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.

Find My iPhone requires location service to be active on your handset so that it will work correctly you will find this under Setting >Privacy then tap on Location Services and turn on the option.

There are two ways to setup Find My iPhone to track a lost device .Firstly you can use the free Find My iPhone in another Apple device to track your iPhone.


And the second option is you can sign into in a computer through browser then tap into Find My iPhone as like below image.


In case if you have Multiple devices then select the device which you have lost like as shown in image below.


After selecting your Device ,Find My iphone show you the last location of this device in the map like image below and give you option like sound alarm on iPhone, lock it or delete its contents.

Ring lock or erase your iphone through Find My iPhone

It is very simple so give it a try in case you lost your iPhone or just try.

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