Internet is world of data so it is so important to know that how to secure your data like email, photos, videos or any other personal  information in this lesson we will tell you about how to know if someone is tracking your email many of us think that why should I care about these all things but you are wrong because in internet everyone is trying to steal as much as data possible companies send you email’s through it they can track your location and information about your data these tracking tools work once you open the email the only method to stop being tracked by anyone is not opening the email  but how can we know that email is safe or not before opening it.

So we will solve this issue by using a tool known as “Ugly Email” which will checks all your email and expose the tracked emails, each tracked email is shown with a small eye icon to easily find such kind of email.

This tool is made by Detecting pixels from Yesware, MailChimp, Streak, Bananatag, Mandrill and Postmark They are adding more feature on it and we will see those changes in near future.

Follow the below steps to make it work

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser in your Computer.
  • Now click on this link to install Ugly Email in your PC to know about your tracked email.
  • Now click “Add to Chrome” in the new tab of your browser.

add to chrome ugly email

  • Now when you receive an e-mail a little eye icon will be there if it is tracked by some tracking tool if you not see any such kind of icon in your email it means you are not tracked by someone.Congrats.


Right now the “Ugly Email” tool is only works with Gmail as a Chrome extension but the makers of this tool are working on it to make it available for all email resources and very soon it will also work with Firefox.

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