How to Download YouTube Video on Your Android, iOS (Apple iPhone) Smartphone and Windows, MAC PC

YouTube is world most popular video sharing platform, you know in YouTube billions of videos stored, till 2015 YouTube is 3rd largest website in the globe, with this website you can easily get any video you want, free as well as paid movies online, the platform was acquired by Google, most of the time we love to watch video of our choices.How to Download YouTube Video Song on Desktop and Smartphone, Laptop

Some of them we want to see again and again, for that we want to download and save those videos on our location Mobile phone, laptop and pc, whether it could be Android, iOS, MAC, Windows devices, you can do this with any devices.

Download Video Song from YouTube into Your Computer, Laptop and Smartphone in HD Quality

Lots of users confuse about this why YouTube not given an option to Download video locally on our devices, for that some times you have to take a help from external apps, and software, but we will give you an easy way to, how you can easily download any video from YouTube without any external software and apps.

You can even download video song with your own choice in any quality you want, but most users want to download songs with HD quality so that they can view video with HD quality.Download YouTube Video Locally on Your Device

This is not device dependent process of downloading videos, you have to simply make changes on video URLS of YouTube.

How to download YouTube videos directly to your smartphone or tablet – iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone

This technique will only work with device browsers and urls, this is a type of online downloader, this will work with any device but device should be browser compatible, browser should work with device, we type url of download video and make small changes on it’s url, which we will describe bellow, this work with iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, Window PC Laptop, MAC PC & Laptop.

YouTube shows video urls in mobile phone and tablets , you will have to make url change to download video same as for other devices, this is not depends on version of operating system you are using.

Steps to Download Video on Your Android, iOS (Smartphone, Tablet), Windows and MAC PC and Laptop

  • The process of downloading video is too easy
  • For that you don’t need any login and software, just go to YouTube by typing it’s official URLHow to download YouTube videos - save to your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • Now search a video which you want to download on your device, for downloading video on your above given devices, you have to open video on your device with Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Edge, Safari or any other web browsersDownload Youtube Video and save to your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • After clicking on video the url will be shown example –
  • Now you have to write magic between You and Tube means
  • And press enter button, after pressing button, it will open new page with different URL example
  • Here you will see new window with Download button song or video description Click on Download button
  • Now it will show you more options
    1. MP4(1280 x 720) HD
    2. WEB(480 x 360)
    3. MP4(480 x 360)
    4. FLV(320 x 240)
    5. 3GP(320 x 240)
    6. 3GP(176 x 144)
    7. MP3 NEW
  • You can choose best suited with your choice, example it’s depends on your internet speed.

Now few minute later video will be downloaded on your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device downloading location, most of the users download songs, and videos they like, with this technique you can download any video without any external software and apps

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