How to Download Offline Maps on Windows 10 Device

Download Maps for search places and get direction even when we are not connected to the internet, it’s simply download maps from internet and saved offline, you can download particular country and region maps offline, the given maps for Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North and Central America, South America. All the maps data come from Bing maps data, Bing maps is offered under the Microsoft Service Agreement and the Code of Conduct, and combines road and aerial as well as unique bird’s eye and 3D view maps for select areas.How to Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 Device

There are multiple supplier those who provides map data to Bing, which you used with Microsoft Windows 10 OS. they collect information from different sources.

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To Download Particular Region Maps for Offline Use

  • Choose Setting page in which you get multiple setting for Windows 10 device.
  • Under System setting, choose Offline Maps, click on Download maps, it will give more option on download page list of the Continents of the World.Download List of Countries Maps on Windows 10 PC
  • Now choose your continents where it will explore the list of countries with size of maps, choose your country to download.
  • After clicking on country button it will automatically to start download maps on your local PC or any other Windows device. You can use it few minute later after download complete.
  • If you want to view offline maps on your device, need to change small setting on Windows 10, just turn on Metered Connection, now it will shows you maps data with location details, now you can use maps from searching on start panel.
  • Just search for Maps on Search tab or Start menu, now it will give you new page with maps, where you can play with it you can get maps, search for location, get direction info, and many more street details.
  • You can download particular region maps from Microsoft official source.

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There are many more details available on given maps, you can use info accordingly, get 3D cities, favorites, direction, search, maps, it’s use for offline, the maps apps is included app on Windows 10 device.

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