As we all know that Twitter is famous micro blogging site where everyone tweet their thought on this micro blogging site but in many situation we want to deactivate our Account from Twitter permanently or temporarily for some reason it is so simple to deactivate Twitter account here we will tell you how to deactivate your Twitter account.

But before we proceed to deactivate our Twitter it is important to note that keep your user data as a backup for your account as we will describe it in below steps.

It is also important to note that for the first 30 days your Twitter account only deactivated you can reactivate you Twitter account by logging back again in site’s login panel but after 30 days your account will be permanently deleted that’s why you have to download a copy of your user data.

How to Download Twitter Data Before You Deactivate your Account Permanently

If you do not log in within 30 days of your account deactivation then your account will be permanently deleted so there is risk of losing your data so it is important to keep your user data copy by downloading it.

Log in to your Twitter account and click on your profile picture which will be located in top bar and choose Settings.login and click on settings

On account setting page you will see link to Twitter archive now click on Request your archive buttonYour Twitter archive it will send a link to your email address through that link you can download your user link for user data download

How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account

To delete your account permanently or temporarily you just need to log in your Twitter login panel after that click on your profile picture which will be located on top bar and select Settings.login and click on settings

After that in your account settings page you will see a link to deactivate your account and click on this.Deactivate my account

After clicking on this Twitter will see some message like user data will be retain for 30 days there is no control over content that indexed by search engine like Google, Bing etc.Deactivate twitter account confirmation

Content may be still viewable on twitter for a few days after deactivation of your account.

After that if you are sure that you want to deactivate your account then click the blue button [email protected] button.

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