create new dial-up connection in Windows 10

First time when you connect your computer with Windows 10 PC, for that you have to create new dial-up connection using network and sharing center, dialer always work when you have wired connection, or want to run your connection using wire, this functionality is included in your operating system, whether you are using Windows 10, windows 8, Windows 7, XP operating system.How to Create Dial-Up connection with Windows 10 PC or Laptop

There are multiple way in Windows 10 to reach on dial-up creation page, one is to directly from wifi option and other one is by control panels, from both places you will be on same page, to create dialup connection on your system you should have username and password which is provided by internet service provider

Create a Dial-Up Networking connection on Windows 10 PC

  • Configuring Dial-Up Connections you should follow some steps, in which you can easily create new connection.
  • First you have to choose your connection from WI-fi, just right click on it, where it will shows you an option Troubleshoot problem and open Network and sharing center, new page will open after pressing network and sharing center, you also can directly reach to this page using by typing this link to your THIS PC Window  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center.Create new dial-up connection in Windows 10 PC
  • To configure and use Dial-Up connections in Windows 10, click on setup a new connection or network to setup a broadband, dial-up, VPN, connection, or setup a access point and router.Create new Dial up in Windows PC
  • Now it will give new options, Choose a connection option, under this multiple setting available but you have to click on, Connect to the Internet, to setup a broadband and dial-up connection to the internet.How To Configure and Use Dial-Up Connections
  • And click on next button, where it will give you two option if you already connected to the internet, Browser the internet now and setup a new connection anyway. Click on next button.How to Set up a Dial up Internet Connection
  • New page will open where it will shows option, how do you want to connect, choose Broadband (PPPoE)
  • Come to next page by clicking on next button, where you will get options to type Username, password, and Connection name, above two thing username and password will provided by ISP.How to set up a dial up connection on Windows 10
  • Now press connect, if all is good, your internet will start working, if there is error with connection, try to solve using ISP support.

The above given option will help all Windows users about how they can easily connect using dial-up connection, If you want all users to have access to the user name and password, select the Anyone who uses this computer check box.

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