How to Make Disk Partition with Windows 10

It is very simple process, to create new partition with newly buy computers or laptop, when everybody buy a new computer or laptop, at that time they also need to install operating system on their pc, at that time there are many steps to install windows operating system on your machine, some people make their drive partition at the time of installing windows but few of then to left how to make it, but don’t worry about it, you can do it later when Windows 10 would be installed completely, Here I will explain to you all the things very simple steps, The first time your computer with Windows 10, how to partition the disk.

Steps to create New Partition with Windows 10

All the steps only for after completion the installation of Windows 10, that means steps to create partition with windows 10 after installing the windows.

  • Open your computer in which Windows 10 are installed
  • Click on start button icon or Windows Key left bottom of your computer
  • Now click on file explorer, after clicking on file explorer your window will open, where you will get all drive, downloads, documents.Open All Drives with Windows 10
  • Now right click on This PC now you will get second option Manage click on manage button, after clicking one new screen will open, which is a Computer Management window, from here you can check and change many options.Now Click on Manage to Get Option About Drives and Settings
  • Now click on Storage>>Disk Management in this window you will see a option of your C Drive, recovery partition, EFI System Partition and free space unidentified space.How to Create Partition to Creating Drive With Windows 10
  • Now click on right to under Disk Management>>More Action>>Re scan disk, what will happen after doing this, all unallocated space will be shows on your window.Click on unallocated disk space to create new partition
  • Now right click on unallocated space >> New Simple Volume, after clicking on new simple volume, it will shows you all disk space.
  • Now choose your first disk size, choose disk volume size in MB, if your computer memory size is 500GB so make it  190000mb that mean approx 187GB for first drive.
  • Now click on next button, you will be on NEW SIMPLE VOLUME WIZARD page, after clicking on next button, it will automatically shows your disk name E, D, or F
  • Now you will be on format Partition page, in this age you can put your disk name like Local under Volume Label, it will automatically update it Local Drive E or Local Drive F.Make New Partition Drive With Windows 10
  • Now click on Next Button, after clicking on this button New Simple Volume Wizard, now your New Disk creating process will finished. Make New Partition Drive With Windows 10 Steps

Now your disk is created with your Windows 10 PC or laptop, now if you have more splace with your computer you can create new volume disk for that, by clicking on ReScan Disk under right top DISK MANAGEMENT >> MORE ACTION >>Rescan Disk, same steps you need to follow to create your new Local Disk F.

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