Best Gaming Smartphone

Everybody has their different purpose to buy a Smartphone, Somebody buy a Phone for listing a music, taking a photography, capturing moments, talking with friends its primary feature you should buy a phone, whether it be a regular phone or Smartphone, many of them to buy a Smartphone to focused on smartphone for gaming

Users like you always think about which Smartphone I should buy to play heavy memory Games, there is some best choice in market Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but it’s all depends on price range you have set to buy your phone.

Never Go with Cheap Price Mobile Phone

If you are a game lover, do not ever go on the cheap phone, because it has some limitation on processing, you cannot get output on processing as much you want, for that you have to invest some good amount to get better gaming Smartphone, you will not get many such things should you be in a gaming phone.

Top 10 Best Android Phones for Gaming in 2015

Display Size Matters While Play a Game

Game lover mostly focused on big size display to get most beautiful interface, at first movement while buying a gaming phone think before it what would be the display size, and which is best suited for me to play a Game, normally people always focused on large size screen in terms of Smartphone above 5 inch, and you can buy a phablet to enjoy your games.

What Type of Display You Required in Gaming Smartphone

Display type always matter when you feel, and want to play games for long duration as we see many Smartphone makers design their display with very poor quality and selling with very low price, but at that time user only think about money, if user think about satisfaction curing eyes so go with better quality display, which you get on Samsung Galaxy S6 (Super AMOLED Quad HD Display), you should also measure the pixel of your Smartphone.

Processor Configuration Could Speed up your Phone Speed

Every phone performance depends on CPU (center Processing Unit) which make our phone very fast and usable, now you searching for better CPU, in Ghz (gigahertz) CPU cores and clock speed, you know that Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apple A8, Samsung Exynos, Motorola X8, MediaTek these all are Processor maker for Smartphone’s, in these all companies which of these is the best processor, the decision is aimed at gamers, but some important point you should consider like Chipset, Clock Speed, GHZ, Number of Cores like Dual, Octa, Hex, Quad, these all specification will affect on your phone performance, which could also cause of slow and high processing, also these all factors will be affect on your gaming experience.

Which is The Best RAM Size for Gaming Smartphone

All Smartphone are coming with minimum 1GB of ram, but in same size of ram there are many variant like some RAM has low megahertz and some RAM you will get high megahertz, to buy a perfect Smartphone for your need is very easy to choose best and high performance RAM like above then 2GB, Best RAM Size for Gaming Smartphonein this size of configuration you will get a best and high speed and fastest data processing this best configuration for gaming in Smartphone, if you are planning for Gaming Smartphone’s, so choose minimum of 2GB of RAM with high megahertz, some top brand only give you this much of output.

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