Batteries are one of the most complicated and boring subject in tech world it is a critical situation for us when our battery dies whether we are using Smartphone or Tablet so in this tutorial we tell you about tips and tricks for charging your device’s battery so that it extend your battery life span.

Apple one of the biggest Smartphone Manufacturers says that its Laptop batteries reach only 80% of their original capacity after 1000 charges so it means after a certain time batteries not use its full capacity and this will lead to less backup for your device over time.

So here is the big question that how to charge you device whether you are using iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone one of the common term most people tell you that,you should run the battery to Zero before re-charging to 100% and the other term about which most of the people are unsure is ‘Battery Memory Effect’ so what this mean? Actually it is all about batteries remembering remaining charge if you didn’t let them go all the way to zero too often.But this is the case with old batteries like NiMH and NiCD.

Although Li-Ion Batteries not suffer with this problem so all you have to do is charge them but not throughout the day and  don’t let them drop to Zero .

Is it Good to Charge Battery from Zero to 100%

If you are using Li-Ion Battery you have to follow these things

  • To keep batteries 50% or More most of the Time (Although a little range can change for some time)
  • Don’t charge it to 100% (If you Constantly charge a battery to 100% it will shorten the battery life)
  • Charge the battery up to 97% in one go and don’t drop it below 20%

So it is not a Good idea to charge a Li-Ion battery from zero to 100%.

Here are the Common FAQ related to battery charge

When I should do a full charge of my phone’s battery ?

According to Expert you can do a full zero to 100% battery recharge or a charge cycle once in a month it just like restarting you computer.

Can I charge my phone overnight?

Most of the Smartphone has inbuilt function to stop charging when it will full , so it is not a good idea to charge you phone overnight because it creates heating problem in device and Li-Ion batteries does not like this.

Can I use any charger?

The best way to charge a phone with the charger that came with your handset. Although you can use third party charger but they should be approved by your phone’s manufacturer.

If you want to store a battery when it will not in use for a longer time so don’t leave your Li-Ion battery too long at 0% because if you do this it will make you battery incapable of holding charge so try to keep you battery at least half charged .

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