How to Change Windows 10 PC Password from Diff Location

Windows 10 has ability to solve some small issue by giving some additional features, which help users to do more work quickly, Window 10 some changes make work easy in terms of management, if you are using windows 10 or planning to use it with your own or office pc, so some great security features you will get with it.Create Cortana Account in Windows 10 Using Microsoft Account

If we more talk about its password security features, so there are two best method to change your pc password,one is where you can store and change password locally and another one is where you can change password using Microsoft account using cloud, you can save password locally or can save it on Microsoft account using registering on Microsoft account.Password of User Account - Change in Windows 10 for cortana

In this technical era it’s most important to make secure your gadgets, and use essential ways to protect, all the technical users never put same password on there machine, they changed it timely.

Using Microsoft account you can easily create Cortana account

You will get two benefit out of it, one is you can also use cortana app of Microsoft, which is assistant app, by creating Microsoft account you also setup your Cortana, for that you need to follow Microsoft Account and create account using your name, email, password, after finishing the account you can go directly into your local pc search box at bottom, and type cortana, now it will shows an option cortana and search setting click on it and create new cortana account by filling-up your proper information.How to Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10

After doing all these thing your cortana account will be created, now you can use your cortana by voice, and use it by login your computer using your email. now you done two thing one is you create your account on Microsoft account and another one is you create account also in cortana and using it by voice, now you can change cortana setting by typing on search bar cortana word.

Now control your password using Microsoft Account

Doing all two above options creating Microsoft account and attached it with cortana account you able to change it’s setting for Microsoft password, now when you open your computer after shutdown, it will shows you an option to login using your email address, and same password which you are using with your Microsoft account, you have to type your password and logged in.How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password for Microsoft

In this option you can change your password using another location, ex if your computer in other place, and want to change your password, so you can simply change Microsoft account password so it will also changed for your computer, but you, keep your computer connected to the Internet to login.

So we have discuss two most important point above one is you can create account password using Microsoft account and change it’s password using Microsoft account

Remove your account which is logged in and created with email and Microsoft account

For removing your account which is logged in with Microsoft account, so that when you open your computer, it will open using your old local account and local password, but for that you need to have old Microsoft account password, for that you need to click on Your Computer name and click on Sign in with a local account instead when you click on this option, your computer will ask you for password of Microsoft account, and then it will ask you for old local computer password, and password hint, now it will Sign out and Finish, Now you have done many things

  • You create Microsoft Account
  • Create Cortana Account using same email and password which you use on Microsoft account
  • You create new login way using Microsoft account and change it’s password using Another location
  • Remove Microsoft account login way on your  computer, so that you can easily logged in using Local computer username and password, instead of Microsoft Account email and password, remove email and password login in Windows 10 PC.
  • Change Logged in Way in Windows 10 for Login your computer locally.

When you save change your setting for local password saving and edit, that means your computer setting is same which you are using before, you can locally use your settings

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