How to Fix Default Apps in Windows 10 PC

Default file type when you open with windows 10, a default app is a apps in which you can open file such as music, movies, photos, you can fix separate file type for particular apps, simply if we take example of web browser, you can set any web browser as your default to open any web page from web, as well as default apps can open your music, video, mails, and photos.

How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10

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Now we go deep into the default apps and how to choose it’s settings, to reach into the setting of Apps, we have to choose setting from start menu, in which you get complete setting for Windows 10 PC.How to Choose and Set Default Apps in Windows 10 PC

How to change Windows 10’s default apps

  • To change default apps in Windows 10 you need to choose setting page from your computer or Windows 10 device, in which multiple settings will open.
  • Now choose system setting from setting page, where it will shows all the system related settings.
  • Choose Default Apps from system setting page, in which we get more option to change default apps.
  • Now it will shows more how to choose default apps, you can also fix apps for particular functionality, such as fix VLC player for music, fix chrome for browser, fix Windows Media player for Videos, fix Picasa for images
  • If you looking for more apps, for that you have to just Look for An Apps in the Store, where it will show apps in category Home, App, Game, Music, Movies & TV.
  • Also will get list of most popular apps, some of them are free and to use rest have to pay some $ amount, from these given apps first you can install it on your Windows 10 device and use for particular purpose to make it default.
  • Now come to desktop apps options, so there are many options Calendar, Email, Maps, Music Player, Photo viewer, Video Player, Web browser, and at last option to reset all the Apps.
  • The best functionality of Windows 10 is that when you choose and want to change apps for particular options, such as Video, when you click on video apps tab, it will give you an option with similar apps category supported files, ex Windows media player, VLC, Movie & TV, and for web browser chrome, internet explorer, Microsoft Edge.

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Also choose Default Apps by File Type

With Windows 10 there are multiple file type available, you can associate particular apps for file type using fix the file type with specific apps, when you open Choose default Apps by File Type tab it will give name of file type with it’s default set apps and option to change its setting. You can also fix Default apps Associate Particular Protocol with Specific Apps.


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