How to Change Time Zone, Date and Time Format in Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 is one of the most useful operating system launched and developed by Microsoft Corporation, company focus on every aspects of user, they provide easy to use interface so that all the Windows users take advantages, most of the computer savvy users use every single functionality in their daily life usage, such as users see time in their computer check dates and calculate something.

But some of them want to make changes accordingly to see it in proper way, now we talk about date and time zone and time format change, users sometimes usually want to change their time zone if they are in other location, such as if you are in UTC-03:00 Santiago to UTC-06:00 Central America, in that case you have to change your time zone to set your location specific timing, with the same approach you also want to change date and time format to change your taste about time and date you see in daily life in your windows computer.

Now we are going to announce the best way to handle and give proper info step by step how you can make those changes without any hassle.

Step to change time zone and Time and Date format

  • First thing is that we are going to give setting changes about windows 10, just open your Windows 10 PC
  • Go to start menu where you see Windows 10 Sign click on that where you see setting option, click on that setting of your Window computer How to Change Time Zone, Time & Date Format
  • Now you will be at setting page of your computer, through which you can make lots of changes with your computer.change time zone, date & Time format in Windows 10 PC
  • You need to click on Time & Language tab where you able to see and make small changes on speech, region, and date.How to Change Time & Date Format also Time Zone in Windows 10 PC
  • Now new page will be open with Date time, Time Zone, & Formats¬†you need to click on change time zone click and select your county location specific time zone.Change Date & Time Format in Windows 10 PC
  • After selecting that you can change Date & Time format with your PC by clicking change date and time format.

After doing all these changes your computer Time Zone, Date and Time format will be change as per your needs, you can make lots of changes with time and date by doing some new thing with setting of time & date.

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