Mouse - Set Left or Right Button as Primary in Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 most used operating system from Microsoft, the best suited for touch-screen and normal desktop or laptop users. We cover all the small points related to Windows 10 OS, most of the user use right hands to do everything, writing, typing, using Computer, eating, the world is Right hand-centric, and in which all the users use their right hand to complete their work. Most of the time when we take Mouse to hover use right hand to complete our task.How to change the left and right mouse buttons

But there are certain numbers of users over the globe those who use left hand to move the mouse cursor, use to right something. In that situation, we have to handle all necessary thing to solve the issue for left-handed users, change mouse default setting to the right button as a default button with Windows 10 OS. In which all the work which we do through left button will be reflected into the right button. After completion of transformation; you can use right button as a default with Windows 10 OS.Make Your Mouse Pointers Left-hand Friendly

Steps to Enable Right Button of Mouse (touchpad) as a Default button in Windows 10

  • Open your Windows 10 Device and go to setting through start panel.
  • Now click Devices, Bluetooth, and printer, mouse, to jump into the mouse setting.
  • With Windows 10 os setting is very simple, you can change any setting from start panel by choosing setting tab.
  • Choose mouse and touchpad from left menu in which 5 other settings available.
  • Select your primary button under your mouse setting, where you can choose either Left or Right your default mouse button.
  • If you choose right, then you have to open anything use right button, on your computer mouse or laptop touchpad.

Just after selecting setting you can see the changes on your device, now you can use mouse Right or Left button as per your choice. in this setting page, you can manage multiple settings for Windows 10 PC which is related to mouse and touchpad. such as can change the speed of the mouse and change the size of Cursor and many more.

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