How to Change PayPal Account Password

In order to prevent from hackers, keep password up to date,  with your account has to change personal PayPal account password timely. PayPal is founded by one of the most popular technical personality Elon Musk, December 1998, Palo Alto, California, United States, company operating a global online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders, can buy anything from anywhere, anytime. This si the introduction of PayPal, now PayPal has over 180 Million active users globally with approx. $8 billion annual revenue.Change Old Password with PayPal Account

Security is one of the most important points of any Global PayPal account in which we have to manage our PayPal account security, as we mention on our post, where we mention how to improve a security of PayPal account by following few tips, in which we cover from basic to detail. Users get confuse about how we can change the password of our PayPal account, from admin area.How to change PayPal Account Password

Every PayPal account owner should change their account password within 2 to 3 month due to security reason, should keep it personal and hard to remember, there are few simple steps to follow while try to change PayPal account login password.

Step to Follow Change PayPal account Password

  • Login to PayPal account with current username and password and choose my account from right top of your main page screen.Change PayPal Account Password
  • Select Gear sign, top of your account.
  • Choose security option, >> Password >> Edit  click to change.
  • Type current password and two-time new password to Change your PayPal password.
  • Most important thing to keep in mind, always try to keep your password 3D, ex. LD328Zcd40!@. password should be strong hard to remember.

After a click to save the password, just after few second, it will log-out you, from PayPal account, you need to retype username and password again with a new password.

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