Free Call from Your desktop or Laptop with Friends Online Using Google Hangout

Users always ask question on the web regarding how to call free in USA and CANADA, Google Hangout has ability to free call inside United States and Canada using it’s phone call facility without spending your phone existing plan, it’s possible to call your contacts friends, family, using it’s apps without spending single amount, just you need to use the give application, which is for Apple device, Chrome browser, Android device, or from your desktop.How to Call Freely from Your desktop, laptop, Android, iOS, MAC smartphone , Tablet

Free Call from Your device to any Phone numbers Using Google Hangout

If you are from other countries, so you have to add some amount to your hangout billing account India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines and many more, just add money on  from billing options, with this functionality you should have high speed internet connection so that voice cannot be drop, most important thing before adding money is If your billing address is within the EU, you will be charged the applicable VAT rate for your country on top of the purchased calling credit amount – for example, if you order £10 of calling credit and the VAT rate for your country is 19%, you will be charged £11.90.

We also mention Google hangout setting where we cover How to Disable Show When you were Last Seen Online and Show Which Device you Are On with Google, this setting easily configure from Google Gmail account main page.

From desktop, laptop initially go to where you get most important, option such as contact, conversation, Phone calls, invites, and under App Downloads Android, iOS, Chrome, Hangout Dialer, Hangout on AIR, Setting, Help and Feedback. There are multiple functionality for each devices.

Free Call from your desktop computer, laptop (Windows or MAC PC)

To call from your desktop or laptop should have Gmail account where you can easily setup account to free call anywhere within country or out of the country, at first you will be on scree of where you can choose options accordingly video call, phone call, message, just choose an option option such as call type and type number, and click on call, with this screen it will start dialing number and very quickly connected with number, it will shows you balance amount.Google Hangouts getting free voice calls and voicemail

This free calling functionality only available now inside United States and Canada, if you are from other then this, you have to add amount using your credit card by visiting URL- Add Money to Your Hangout account then choose Billing >> in this tab you will get info Calling credit: US$ 0.00, you have to add $10 amount, and give you an option after click on Refunds – Calling Credit shows how much credit you have available to make calls. If you’re calling from the U.S. to Canada to a number within those countries, almost all calls are free, but a few destinations will cost USD 1 cent per minute depending on the specific phone number. The 1-cent rate may vary depending on the local currency. You can look up the cost through the calling credit page for your Google account .How to Add Money to Your Google Hangout account to Phone call

And easily can change Currency by clicking on Change Currency tab, through which easily can configure your currency accordingly. you can add money to your account by adding your card information such as >>Set up Google Payments Account >> NAME AND HOME LOCATION >> Select Country >> Name >> Zip Code >> under PAYMENT METHOD >> Credit or debit card >> Expiration date >> now the option Billing address, Billing address is the same as name and home location, Send me Google Wallet special offers, invitations to provide product feedback, and newsletters. Now click on Accept and Continue.How to Add Money to Google Hangout account

To check setting and getting information about Google Hangout other setting and services you need to click on … more option left hand bar, where it will give you option to download apps, change setting and many more.Voice Charger for Google Hangout other than United States and Canada

Free Call from Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones Android Apps

First download and install app on your Android smartphone and tablet, by choosing Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones, after installation you can free call within US and Canada. Open app check everything.Hangouts gets free voice calling to US and Canada

For other country you can simply add account from Add account and Manage Account, simply just add account of Gmail where you added money to call using Google Hangout Phone Call.Free Voice Calls With Google Hangouts Dialer App

This app will work with every Android Smartphone and Tablets, just simply open app, touch  and type phone number, click on call, few second later it’s start dialing with cost /Min ex. $0.01/min. Make phone calls over data from the Hangouts app, call any phone number, including landlines. Use Outbound Caller ID – people who you call will see your verified number when you call them (no more appearing as Unknown!), Connect with your Google Voice number to make VOIP. for data usage ISP charges may apply for data use.

Hangouts App for iOS devices to Free Call within US and Canada

You can install app by selecting Google Hangout iOS App, after completion of installation on your device version such as Version 6.1.0, just get full access and setting to call your contact and family members, just type name or number and touch call button to call your friends.Google Hangouts for iOS Can Now Make FREE Phone Calls in CANADA, USA

Inside US and Canada you don’t need to pay for free Hangout calls, but if you are from other then that, need to add your email account where you added money to free call and start and use that amount. There is two way one is simple text chat and other one is voice call using phone calls facilities. The description of app is Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group. Say more with photos, stickers, and emoji using your iPhone, iPad free of cost.

other best functionality of Google hangout is Hangout On Air with this Broadcast live conversations to the world for free. Broadcast live in HD on Google, YouTube and your website, Add your Hangout On Air recordings to your YouTube channel, Take audience questions in advance and answer the best ones live, and Use customization and advanced controls to create the kind of experience you want, Google develop it’s best and freely available platform so that internet users can take a benefit out of it. we discuss best way to call free to your friends, family members, and more contacts around the globe, in some countries you have to pay small charges.


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