How to Unlock Movies and TV Shows for any location. using UnoDNS

There are many service providers provide movies and tv shows online with some cost, but there are some boundatation to watch each shows and movies, such as if you are from united states and you buy a plan from any movies and TV shows streaming providers. UnoTelly unlocks TV, film & music from international online channels.

There are millions of users usage online on demand streaming services to watch TV shows and Movies with some monthly fee, UnoDNS work directly on the network of your computer and any other devices, in which it give you an ip Address for VPN, for that first you have to follow some instruction.How to unlock Geolocation to Watch Movies and TV Shows online

Steps to Follow use and How to enable Geo-blocking for TV Shows and Movies

  • Open UnoDNS official website, which also called UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN, now you reach on the home page of website
  • where it give you small introduction regarding what we do and how it’s possible, you have to just use UnoDns using free account creation where it will give you 8 day free usage.
  • Create account by adding your info name, email, and password, now it will give you more
  • After completion of signup process it gives you an option to use this service with your device , you will get list of all devices, at the movement there are more than 100 devices compatible.
  • You can install and use UnoDns with given devices, choose your own device.
  • When you choose your device for installation it will provide you step by step installation with your compatible device.How to Unlock Geolocation Blocking

You can watch Movies and TV Shows Online without blocking Geo-location, watch from anywhere and any TV show and Movies

TV shows and Movies, some shows not available for each country, for that you have to follow some tricks which help you to easily watch shows online, UnoDNS is one of the most popular service which unlock location boundation, it,s work with many devices, and online services such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and other region locked channels.

  1. Windows XP operating system
  2. Windows vista
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows 8
  5. Windows 10
  6. MAC OSX
  7. Linux Ubuntu
  8. iPad
  9. iPhone
  10. iTouch
  11. Android 4.0 and Above devices
  12. Amazon Kindle fire HD
  13. Sonos
  14. Nintendo Wii
  15. Nintendo Wii U
  16. Sony Playstation 3
  17. Sonly Playstation 4
  18. Xbox 360
  19. Xbox One
  20. Apple TV with iOS 5.1 and Above
  21. Apple TV Lower version
  22. Boxee box
  23. Chromecast
  24. Dynex Blu-ray Player
  25. Google tv 3.2
  26. Google TV 2.1
  27. LG smart TV
  28. Amzon fire TV/Fire stick
  29. LG Smart TV Upgrader box
  30. Now TV Box
  31. Panasonic TV
  32. Panasonic Blu-ray player
  33. Roku only for US
  34. Roku united Kingdom
  35. Samsung TV
  36. Samsung Blu-Ray player Smarthub
  37. Samsung Blu-Ray player non-smarthub
  38. Sony Bravia TV (EU)
  39. Sony Bravia TV (NA)
  40. Sonly Blu-Ray player (EU)
  41. Toshiba TV
  42. Toshiba Blu-Ray Player
  43. Western Digital TV Live
  44. Actiontec R1000H
  45. Apple Air Port
  46. Apple Air Port Extreme
  47. Apple Time Capsule
  48. Asus
  49. Asus-DSL
  50. Belkin router
  51. D-Link router
  52. Cisco router
  53. Netgear router
  54. TP-LINK Router
  55. Siemens Gigaset SE567
  56. Nexus player
  57. PS Vita
  58. Sky TV Box
  59. Apple TV 4 Gen
  60. Android TV

There are more devices which work properly with UnoDns, it directly you have to add an IP address to your manual IP address.

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