How to Block users on Twitter account

With twitter account if you want to block users from your admin area, it’s now easy to block users, by clicking on block button, you need to use advanced options for using block, in your blocked account settings on, and you’ll find the following advanced options, need to open twitter account by typing username and password. You can manage your privacy, contact detail and more from same account admin area.Manage Blocked User from Twitter account

From left area of setting page, you can manage all type of settings, even can block unwanted users completely, you can manage the complete list of blocked account by importing and exporting from blocked account page, in which accounts you’re blocking You’ve blocked these accounts. You will not see their Tweets in your timeline. Additionally, blocked accounts cannot follow you or view your profile while logged in to Twitter. Learn more about blocking.

In Blocking panel, you can see the list of block users with the username and their photo, you can embed, unblock, report particular profile from blocked page, setting, if you choose Advance setting, in which you can export and import contact list. Twitter account, has ability to export your list of blocked accounts to share with other users, import another user’s list of blocked accounts, and manage your list of imported blocked accounts separately from your full list of blocked accounts.How to Manage Blocked users list from Twitter Account

How to Share your block users list with others users.

  • First of all, you need to log-in your account by typing credentials.
  • Go to setting page of your profile, in which select blocked account option.
  • Now you are on blocked account main page in which you see all the given activities, select Advance option in which twitter shows drop down menu.
  • In which you have to click select option. Export your list.
  • Confirm the accounts you want to export. You can even choose users your own choice, in which you can select users.
  • At last click export button, shows message we are downloading the list to your computer, please wait, at last, it shows Download complete. If your block list exceeds 5,000 accounts, your list will be separated into multiple files.Manage Blocked Account in Twitter, IMPORT AND EXPORT LIST OF CONTACTS

You can even Import someone else’s block list of Twitter accounts

  • You have to make sure that file should be in.CSV, this is the best functionality of Twitter where anyone can send a list of block users within contacts.
  • You have to select the Advance option on setting page of Blocked accounts, in which it gives you two option, import your list, export list, you have to just click on import list.
  • Click on import button, it will give you the option to select your file from your desktop or laptop, few second later it will be completed, depends on your file size. Normally it takes up to 5 second to complete uploading and processing.
  • Click Preview. The list of the blocked accounts will be displayed. You can uncheck any accounts you do not wish to block, Click on Block to confirm.
  • Finally, the imported accounts will be added to your block list.

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All you can manage from given option on Blocked account page of Twitter, you can simply manage with Apps such as IOS, Android, and Windows apps, the blocking process are same for all given apps, you can block and unblock any user from twitter.

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