Manage multiple lines of business using multiple emails

Email address is one of the most important Key, of PayPal account, it’s required when we create new PayPal account, there are millions of users use the same service through their email account, and most of them ask can we use multiple PayPal accounts with the same bank. And PayPal has one primary and can add multiple secondary emails. The PayPal might need contact details to more secure your account data and security.How to Add Multiple Email Account to Manage PayPal Account

the Company includes new features with their updated versions, you can also remove emails if you don’t want, and can add any time. It’s easy to determine with your PayPal account when you send and receive money from admin dashboard using report with their dates. Now come to the actual points, how we can add an email account to our PayPal, it help us manage multiple lines of business using multiple emails, but the feature you will get with your personal or business account will be completely different.Using Multiple Email Addresses - PayPal

Steps How to Add Multiple Email Account with Your PayPal account

  • First you need to log-in your own PayPal account, it could be personal or business.
  • The most popular payment service gives us lots more facility to manage an account from anywhere anytime, in which we can add multiple emails from setting.
  • Now choose the setting from right top of your account Gear Sign, click on Gear to move into setting page.
  • Now you need to select a setting type, from Account, Security, and Notification. Just select Account.Multiple Email Account to Manage PayPal Account
  • In which you will get all important information about your account, such as email, address, pin, country, language, time, PAN Card, Payment setting.
  • You need to select email tab, in which you will see + sign to add a new email account. Type your new email or any other friends to manage your PayPal account.
  • It will ask you for confirmation to your email account, by sending a confirmation email, with details you’ve added a new email address to your PayPal account.
  • This is to confirm that you’ve added a new email address ([email protected]) to your PayPal account. If you want to make this your primary email address – where we’ll send all your account-related information – log-in to your PayPal account and go to your Profile. If you didn’t add this email, let us know straight away. It’s important because it helps us make sure no one is getting into your account without your knowledge.
  • Now you will have to log-in with new email and password. After adding the secondary mail account, you easily can login using a primary account as well.

Never share a password with anyone else because, all the matter directly relates to money, be secure and only give to your family members. Now manage PayPal account with Multiple email address.

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