Picasa is a free software provided by Google.Picasa is an image organizer tool using Picasa we can edit our digital photos, easily manage photos on our computer and we can also upload and share the photos online.Originally Picasa is created by Lifescape in 2002 and in 2004 Google acquired Picasa from Lifescape and begin this tool as a freeware.You can download Picasa From this link.

In this article, we will see how to attach an audio track in our Picasa Photo albums.Here we will see three different methods of adding music in our Picasa Photo albums.

How to Add Music to a Particular Folder or Album in Picasa

Using this method you can set music for each album or folder in your Picasa.

  • Open Picasa in your Computer and select the folder or album.
  • Now right click on the album and select the Edit Folder Description from the drop down menu.Adding music to a particular folder or album
  • Now a new pop-up window will open, check the box in front of the Music (which says Use music for Slideshow and Movie presentation) and click on Browse to select the music file then click on OK button.Add music to Slideshow
  • Now click on the Green Horizontal arrow icon to play the slideshow.

How to Add Music to Any Slideshow in Picasa

Using this method you can set music for any Picasa SlideShow.

  • Navigate to Main Menu -> Tools-> Options.
  • In open window click on SlideShow Tab and check the box (which says Play music tracks during slideshow).Adding music to any slideshow
  • Now click on Browse button to select the folder with music files.
  • Next Click on OK button

In This way, selected music folder will play each time when you start the slideshow.

How to Add Music into Movie Presentation in Picasa

Picasa also allows you to create a movie presentation using video and photos and it can be saved in WMV or MOV format.You can also upload your movie presentation online using your YouTube account.

  • First of select the album for which you want to make a movie presentation.
  • Now click on the Create Movie Presentation icon located in the top-left corner.
  • Now select the Movie tab and click on Load option to add an audio track in the background of your movie slideshow.Add music to Movie Presentation
  • It will show you following configuration options like Truncate Audio, Fit photos into audio and Loop photos to match audio(photos will be played in slide show until the music end).

So these are the simple method of adding music in your Picasa photo albums.If you know any other tricks related to Picasa please let us know about that.

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